Saturday, January 9, 2016

Spartan Training

This is a free Spartan Training
which is for those participant who join the March Spartan Challenge
to try some rope climb/weight lifting/sled pushing and so on...

Feel extraordinary happy 
Feel awesomely 
Finally I've conquer the rope climb

The training at CrossFit Pahlawan, Citta Mall 
Together with jan /vkey /sue may ^~^  

thanks for their positive mindset, keep motivate and encourage me, 
i always thought i'm too weak , 
i just Can't do it~ 
but today, I've finally get to climb up the rope
Try as hard as you CAN

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Training Day (Cycling + Running)

Brand new year while we were just about excited to join puma night running club, it officially stated cancelled on FB kind of disappointing, but we can always change plan.
So we choose to go for a ride instead of running.

Its been few months we dint seriously training on bike , due to  the haze problem and  rain.
The weather is giving us no choice @.@
Since is new chapter of 2016 , we come out with some plan to train our self.
We need to be more "rajin" of course , cant keep find excuses to skip the training like the past.
New Year
New Resolution
New Challenge
We both keep motivate our self, craving for more improvement.
We see potential in our self.
Lets do this together!!!
This is how i felt when i reached the top of the hill~
lying like death fish on the floor X , X
Jan vs Nini
She likes the up hill and hate the down hill
I hate the up hill and likes the down hill so much
we are just way too opposite

A friend we met from puma night running club - Mr.Tan
After our cycling session when we just about to leave, he saw us and came to say hi 
then we started our conversation. . .
He is so passion with running and so helpful and kind to share all the running techniques that he usually use.
Just because previously 2 of us been complaining about we cant really run much due to knee pain/hips pain/here pain  and there pain @@" old engines in young body.
He started to ask us do some Squad , if you want to run without any pain from the legs you must strengthen your hips muscles. 
We do some Squad ....down.....up....down....up...
single leg squad, down.....up....down ....up....
Not to use legs or tights muscles but to use your hips, not sure how it works
coz i hardly feel my hips muscles thou xD
Perhaps we did it but we dint even know it.
Then we try it out with short run in the carpark to the field.
He shoot our running using our phones to show our slow motion movement when we run.
Using the technique he share which we just newly learned.
We found out that not bad, mean our previous run is all in the wrong posture wrong way @@"
Now we realize the important of correct way of running, we shall train hard to improve.
He keeps remind us to train it get use to it but definitely not over do it
else injure comes first than improvement.

Thanks and appreciates for the guidance and advises ^~^ 
We will bear it in mind and keep training.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello From The Other Side

Hello from the other side . . .

1 book
12 chapters
365 pages
 and so the adventures begins

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Strava - My Adventure Ride 2015

Never though that with just a foldie i can go that far distance that i never expected in the first place.
Special thanks to my ride buddy Jan ,if not because she keep pushing and motivates me, i think i wont be able to got this far.
Awesome 2015 i had ~ looking for more adventure in 2016 ^~^

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Melaka day trip

Nothing much to do in KL~ suddenly craving for Melaka food. 
So I asked: Dear ah~can you bring me to Melaka lets' go for food trip ^~^ teeheehee......
replied: Ok why not ? but u belanja :) with the silly face 
I was like urgh = =" okay, better than i get bored to death staying in the room!!! So i agree with the terms and condition. 

We travel to Melaka by using Motor~ everyone got shiok OO" serious go by motor?? Uh~yeah, why not? We dint get stuck in the jam and we make it tru all the massive jam and easily find parking to park our motor, the bonus part is the weather superb chilling cool~ non sunny at all.

And tada... there's the food we had for the day, dint fully enjoy cause something pop up in the middle of our trip, but dear said will definitely bring me there again and eat more next time ^~^
(p/s: Hopefully he still rmb what he promise LOL~ )
Asam Laksa/Curry Laksa/Cendol/Gula Melaka Ice/Nadeja Cakes/粿条仔/fresh green apple
*Whole Day expenses RM 150

Quit a busy day, food hunt/settle some family issue/and rush back  from Melaka to KLIA2 send go-pro to his friend @@" 
What an awesome day we had !!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Java Bike

finally got you in hand
Jan & I been do saving for few months just to get this Java Bike
Finally we got it and 
we name them the Grevy & Blacky
just simply because they are Grey & Black

(p/s: before we got the bike , we had actually bought the helmet first to motivate our self must save money and bring the bike home someday)

First ride with my new bike
Looking for more distance to go~

Friday, May 1, 2015


之前听朋友说过附近有钓虾场就一直心痒痒滴想要去试一试。趁着无聊的一天就和dear 提了一提, 怎知道他很爽快一句ok 就带我去找看看。一大早去survey 了地点还没开门, 我们回去吃了午餐再回去试看看 ,  当然算幸运有开门营业,不然因该很扫兴吧。
我还没试过钓鱼更何况虾。。。所以当天超兴奋超开心滴 ^~^ 



好大一只虾喔 !!!



tada..... prawns noodles with eggs 
So yum yum ^~^ 

Saturday, April 25, 2015


25/04/15 8pm: Stray Dog
25/04/15 9pm to present as Family
Welcome abroad .
Fate brought us together.
We name this black stuff as "Carbon"
isn't it so adorable?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

27th Birthday

Again another year older @@" 
Special thanks to my dear friends who organised and gather all of them to celebrate my big day.
Koco and Cannie has plan for this some times.
Shee Ni and I just difference of 1 days , so we celebrate together.

Hmm...whos's this guys over here?
Officially my bf ~ my very first year celebrate birthday with additional a partner.

Thanks for the precious gift he gifted to me.
PANDORA ( Valentines + Birthday gift)
Pretty touching thou  i never expect anything from him, and he got me this expensive bracelet.
(P/S: hopefully our relationship can last forever)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another day to be remembered.

After a long journey it's time to go back to the reality life.

I've got a job. Congratulations to myself.  However,  I had such uncomfortable undesirable feelings.  I wanna run away from stress. Maybe it because I've been resting too long? Or I'm just a coward who doesn't even dare to challenge your own to be successful.  New company new environment new job scope.  It's a totally challenges to me. Oh god. I pray hard. Please send me strength,  please give me wisdom,  let me face my fear with pride.

I'll promise to try hard before I quit trying.  Fight hard. Keep trying.  Never give up.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

26th Birthday

Just came back from New Zealand few days ago~
I dint notify all my friends that I've came back to Malaysia. I'm just to lazy to entertain them.
You can say I'm selfish but i think i need more time to rest to adapt back the Malaysia style.
still miss NZ so much > , <
that's why no friend help me celebrate

I've made my very first own birthday cake which I learned in NZ.
Blackcurrant Cheese Cake

(p/s: the blackcurrant jam i bought from NZ)

 My favourite cousin xD 
the naughty one but still cute

he just cant wait to eat it 

the moster enjoying my cake 
hahaha...never thought he eat cheese cake 

that's how i ended my 26th birthday with just my family ^~^ 

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Wanderer

Wow, its been really a while I never update my blog since I left Malaysia. There's so much I would love to express myself , but sometimes wording cant do it all. So for now just keep it in my heart temporary until I update it or shall I just keep it in my heart forever. 

I had a great life over here in New Zealand. Happy#Excited#Adventure# Brand new lifestyle that's so different from what I've been doing and living for the past 25years. People here are nice and friendly so much different from Malaysia. I love the culture and the weather here it calms me down. I felt so great, relax and happy. However still I miss my home the place where I growth up. I love my family, and I do miss them so much even while I'm enjoying my life alone here out far from Malaysia. Besides that, I get to know a lot of new friends. They had added some colours into my life. =)

to be continue...............
(p/s: will slowly update it when I got time, most probably will update when I back to Malaysia :P )

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lake Tekapo - New Zealand’s South Island

This is one of my favorite place in New Zealand.
Nothing much adventure nor things to play.
I like it simple and nice, peacefully , that calms me down.

Lake Tekapo
Church of the Good Shepherd

~Travel Buddies~

Sunset of  the Church 

Bronze sheepdog

Here, the heavens appear closer to earth.
See constellations and shooting stars in glittering dark skies;
much of the country has no light pollution and is home to some of the most accessible observatories in the world.

(p/s: it took me quit some times to take a good shot of the stars, playing around with my new camera, how to fine tune the ISO @@" almost frozen in the dark)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Moments...

I'm gonna miss the moments so much
as long as you appreciate every goddamn moment,
you're not really losing anything.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Whatever is your goal ....
Whatever is your dream ...
Just keep going ...
keep trying ... keep pushing ...
keep pulling ... keep fighting .....
Realize that pain and discomfort WILL be present ....
Often enough to get you to think ....
If all of this is really worth it ....
Realize that sometimes you WILL hear words ....
Of discouragement come out ....
From other people's mouths .....
But when you know in your heart ....
That you CAN achieve your goal ....
When you know your dream CAN become a reality ....
You accept these facts ....
You become aware that ....
They will be a part of your journey ....
You acknowledge all of this ....
Focus on what you desire ....

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This is the best Croissant Tuna Bread 
that I've ever eat before 
it's fresh and yummylicious 

A lovely lunch cheer up my whole day =)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eat eat eat
is the most important part in life
we cant eat without living on earth

So i'm just loving it ^~^ 
Foods~ yummy yummy foods~ 
that's why i'm so chubby xD hahahaha

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

A step closer to my dreams =)

Going to chase my dreams soon enough
feeling so upside down now
trying to calm myself down at the moment
too much to tell but i cant describe it with wordings
so just wish me luck ^~^ 

Random Me Again xD

When i get bored I will start to think of something to do
what again??? SS time 
Shiok Sindiri Again 
I'm really pattern liao liao
or should say it this way
pattern 多过 badminton lol
xD hahahah.....
so so what~ 
i'm not a rock star~
i've got my rock's move~
i wanna show u tonight ~ xD 

Life should have more fun without regret ^~^

苦茶 :'(

因为连我自己都吾知咯 ><"

以且仲要逼我饮晒它 @@"

原来连老师都同我一样好怕饮苦茶呷 xD

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Random Me =)

 Boring nothing to do
so started to pattern liao liao
taking SS  picture
wat is ss?
shiok sindiri 
 yeah yeah~ i know
personally not a pretty leng lui type
even pictures are nicer than the real person
but so what xD 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

New year biscuits =)

my mom is busying at the kitchen ^^

teeheeheehee~ watching one piece while filling up the bottles lol

 so many more waiting me to be fill up ><"

Helping my mom to fill up the bottles with the home cooked biscuits ^~^
prawns stick can cook and become crunchy biscuits
yum yums~ finger linkin good
yahoo~ Chinese New Year is just around the corner



1) Keep on learning , try something new without feeling fear, to move beyond my comfort zone, explore the world.

2) Replace bad habits with good habits. Self evaluate , self control (especially my temper) be less grumpy. Manage stress, stay happy and positive.

3) Boost up confidence, become more self confidence.

4) Take control of my finances, save more money, must learn to save first and spend later. 

5) Be more productive on my work, use my time wisely and organize my things.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lunch of the day

simple and nice porridge with lots of yummy licious dishes
enjoyed the lunch so much 

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Early morning before I when out to work
I saw the flower and it shocked me
Wonder what had happened to them OO"
Why why and why???
Question mark fully surrounded my brain @@"
When i came back from work
they're all just fine and nicely stand up straight 
OO" again they surprised me
Finally i asked my mom, and my mom told me that
is because she forgot to give them water
and they became like that
xD funny @@"
what a lovely and unique daisy flowers